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Noted Stories of the Week for 9/1-5/08

  This week has been filled with Apple news with the 4th Gen. iPod Nano, iPod Classics to itunes and the upcoming event on September 9th.  We have also had a new browser by Google and some other interesting stories to follow.  Here are the Top Stories on Zollotech this past week.


9/1/08 – Sprint’s XOHM WiMax Leaked – [Here]


9/1/08 – The First Images of Google’s Chrome – [Here]


9/2/08 – September 9th Confirmed for Apple Event – [Here]


9/3/08 – iTunes Song "Just Stand Up!" Released to Fight Cancer – [Here]


9/4/08 – Intel Finally Releasing 6-Core Xeon 7400 This Month – [Here]


9/4/08 – Twitter for The Gamer, Raptr – [Here]


9/4/08 – True Picture of 4th Gen iPod Nano Revealed, Same Old Connector – [Here]


9/4/08 – iPod Classic to get Colors? – [Here]


9/5/08 – And Now The Unblurred Official 4th Gen iPod Nano – [Here]


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Sprint’s XOHM WiMax Leaked

  Thanks to some people over at Engadget, we now have details of Sprint’s new WiMax Xohm service.   The speed is said to be a very respectable 2-4 Mbps.  The service is without a contract unlike many other on the go internet solutions.  The site says that the service is on "Your Terms" and you can pay by day or month with no cancellation fee.  This is all sounding too good to be true and it may be depending on price and coverage.

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