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Flickr Gets a Facelift


  Flickr, Yahoo’s photo upload and sharing site has been aware that its user interface can be sometimes unfriendly.  In an attempt to cure the unproductiveness, they have given the interface a much needed facelift.  The homepage now shows more information such as friends, your photostream and your friends photostream and also shows your blog.  The change is definitely an improvement and makes the usability more simple.


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A More Personal Search Engine

  There are many search engines today and we all know the big names, google, yahoo, etc.  Mahalo uses a different approach to its search method. With Mahalo the search results are sorted by people like you and me. The result is a search engine that delivers real pages, that real people have approved for access via the search engine.  With google for example, if you search for a general term and you will end up with basically whichever link was clicked the most being the first in the list.

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