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iPhone Already Sells 10 Million, At Least We Think So


  Mac Observers AFB has been hard at work tracking the current iPhone sales by keeping a database of the IMEI or serial number of the iPhone.  According to their database, sales for the iPhone have reached 10 million units and continue to grow.  This number could be referring to the amount shipped, but considering some places still occasionally have lines for the iPhone we are going to bet they have sold close to the 10 million mark.


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New Zune 16gb and 120gb Leak

  The moment you have all been waiting for, the new Zune uncovered. The pictures comes to us via someone in Canada.  They look real enough and the same as the old from what we can tell.


  Believe it or not Zune was/is the second most popular MP3 player on the market hovering from 4-10%. The idea of a new Zune does not bring the excitement of a mockup iPod, but as far as MP3 players go, the Zune is a very competent music player.  The one major downside, no audible support yet.


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