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One Week With Apple Watch

I’ve had the Apple watch for a little while now and thought I would share my thoughts after one week of use. I go over some of the Apple Watch interface and then talk about what I like and don’t like about the Apple...

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Palm Ares SDK Goes Live, In Beta Form

  Palm’s WebOS is having a bit of a rough time gaining momentum with their app store.  Well the new Ares SDK is now here in beta form and for us non-programmers.  You can use the online application to create a WebOS based app without any external tools.  The interface is simple with drag and drop controls.  Try it out for yourself and get building.  You can still use the software based Mojo SDK, but why not give it a shot here first.

[Ares SDK]

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MIT Develops Depth Sensing Bidirectional Touch Screen

 This proof of concept from MIT looks to be the next step in interacting with your monitor.  Very much like Minority Report, the screen responds to touch and distance of your hands, but without any gloves needed.  The video below explains exactly how it works and then demonstrates each motion in practice.  The only problem we see from here is the form factor will need some work, but we’re only at the beginning. 

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Hulu Desktop App Gets Released For Mac


  Apparently I missed this one and then I was browsing some stories on TUAW that caught my eye.  For all of those who regularly watch TV online in one way or another, Hulu is at the top.  Hulu has just recently released an application for you desktop that gives you a nice clean interface for that sit-back-and-relax viewing.  If you haven’t already be sure to go check this out.  If you don’t like it then throw it in the trash, it’s free.  


[Hulu Desktop] (also available for Windows)

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