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Finally We Get What We Pay For, Buy Now, Watch Now From Amazon

  You know when you buy a DVD and want to watch it on the go, you rip the DVD and then move it to your iPod or a hard drive so you can have it when and where you want it.  That practice is technically illegal because the movie industry doesn’t get it.  So in walks some people who do get it; Amazon.  They are now offering on select titles the ability to instantly stream a DVD or Blue-ray you purchased before you even receive it.  

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Movies Now Shipping on USB Drives


  PNY has released a new 2Gb usb drive that comes preloaded with a movie.  The first movie to ship is Ghostbusters.  Why they chose ghostbuster first is a mystery , but at least it is a memorable movie to keep us busy.


The music industry has done this prior to the movie industry, but it will be interesting to see if people actually have a collection of USB key’s for their movies, we doubt it.  The down side is they have DRM.


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