Mangetosphere is the parent to the new visualizer in iTunes.  There are controls left over from that project that were never documented within Apple’s help files to let us know they exist.  The controls can enhance or detract from the visual circus that iTunes provides.  


So Here they Are:



  • + and -: Increase or decrease the intensity (brightness) of the particles; multiple presses further increase or decrease the intensity.
  • A and S: Add or Subtract particles to the visualizer. You can make the visualizer as complex (or sparse) as you wish.
  • R: Reset the intensity and particle count to their default values.
  • E: When in nebula mode (press N), this greatly accentuates the nebula clouds, making them very easy to see. (If you’ve used the M key to change modes, you may find that the nebula clouds aren’t visible; it seems they’re only used in certain modes.)


So if you enjoy the new iTunes visualizer then this should add something more for you to play with.


[via MacWorld]