All new smartphones are getting pretty mature as far as each of their operating systems is concerned. We are now on the 5th Revision of IOS. The 4.0 release of Android with Ice Cream Sandwich and the Second major release of Windows Phone 7 with Mango.

Many of you have asked or requested that I make a comparison video between all the new platforms. After thinking about how to do this best and most objectively I decided to break the comparison into segments. Each segment will cover one topic or area of the phones and show a comparison of how each of them work.

This video covers messaging or texting on iOS5, WP7 Mango an Android 4.0 ICS. I go over just about every function of each platform and show how it all works. If you want to skip one platform or another, each segment in this video is about 5 minutes long and all you need to do is go 5 minutes further into the video and you’ll end up near the next phone shown.

Thanks for the suggestions and as always comment below on which platform you would choose any why. Please be objective and not a raving fanboy (although that can be hard).