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New Fring Update Brings Video Calls To iPhone

  A new update from Fring is now available which legally allows video calls via the iPhone.  It sounds great up front, but does not allow the iPhone to transmit video, rather it allows for a PC or Mac user to transfer to you.  According to the developers it is only a limit of no front camera on the iPhone. The other catch is that you have to use WiFi to use the video feature.  Other than those limitations this brings us a step in the right direction of all future calls showing video if one chooses.  The app is free and is available now.


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In-Game Purchases Come To Free Apps


  Prior to today when you opened an App that you had gotten for free in the app store, you would have to exit in order to purchase the full version of the game.  Apple forbade the purchasing of features and apps from within a free app until they changed their mind as of today.  As the photo above shows, if you download the free version of the Assassin Creed App you can now buy the full version within it.  Either way it is an easier and more convenient way for developers to make themselves a little extra cash at the convenience of the user.

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See How Palm Pre Compares To iPhone: Videos


  We all know that there is an update coming to the iPhone 3G, but what about the Palm Pre?  The Palm Pre is the closest thing to the iPhone when it comes it usability and interface or at least that is what it looks like.  The Pre was worked on by many ex-iPhone developers and the usability definitely shows.  


If you want a closer look just take a look at  all the videos on the PalmPreForumDotOrg Youtube Channel. The channel owner was nice enough to do a thorough overview of the interface through the emulator. They even go as far to do a couple Q&A videos.  If Palm Pre sparks your interest be sure to check out the comprehensive walkthroughs.

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iPhone 3.0-Beta 5 & iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release Is Now Available For Devs


  After only a few days the next update of iPhone 3.0 comes to developers.  Developers will have to download iTunes 8.2 Pre-Release in order to install it and that is about all we know at this point.  We don’t have any details on what the update does, but you can bet on more bug fixes and/or tweaks to the 3.0 software.  Such a quick release could mean the software will be ready soon for public consumption.  Perhaps announced at WWDC?


[Apple Dev Center]

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Apple Seeds iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 To Developers


  As we continually grow closer and closer to the summer release of iPhone 3.0 to the public, Apple continues to update and fix the Beta to ready it for mass consumption.  Today was seeded the iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 Firmware.  Although there are no major changes noted, there are a few.


"Apple has this evening released beta 3 (build 7A280f) of iPhone OS 3.0 due for release in the Summer.
Of note in the latest seed is that Apple advises developers, "Applications targeting devices prior to iPhone OS 3.0 beta cannot be tested in this seed. This bug is intended to be fixed in a future seed."
Changes to the iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3 will not become apparent at first."


If you are a developer head on over and download your update as it is available now.

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Apple Updates iPhone 3.0 For Developers


  Most of us know that iPhone 3.0 came out a couple of weeks ago for devlopers and now Apple has released a new build for developers.  There have been a lot of different issues reported about the first 3.0 build and Apple has seemingly fixed quite a few of those issues.  I for one have had an issue with it no longer working with the dock connector in my car on a Pioneer stereo you can find in our review section.  The problem has been very intermittant and works about 1 out of 15 times.  No word yet on if this new build fixes this problem, but it does address a number of issues including, search,copy and paste, tethering support, in-app purchases, push notifications and many more enhancements for developers.  There is still no release date for the public, but if you have developer access, get your new build now.


[iPhone Development]

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