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Nexus 7 User Guide – The Basics

For those who are new to the Nexus 7 or Android, this guide will help you understand the basics of how to use the device.  I walk you through the interface, how to move and use apps and widgets, how to uninstall apps, and much...

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Just Mobile Gum++ Review

The Gum++ from Just Mobile provides a convenient way to charge your iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iPad, Nexus 7 and more. The Gum++ is an extremely portable 6000mAh battery that provides 2.5 amps of power to...

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iPad mini vs New Nexus 7

Google has just released the New Nexus 7 and we put it up against Apple’s iPad mini.  This is an unbiased, comprehensive overview that covers designs, specs, battery life, camera, speed and more. There is most likely going...

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Nexus 7 Review

The  Nexus 7 has been out for a few weeks and after using it regularly it was time for the review.  I go over the design, specs and overall thoughts about this impressive effort between Google and ASUS. Get your Nexus 7 at: ...

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