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Apple Netbook Coming 3rd Quarter 2009?

  This rumor has been around for quite some time and Steve Jobs himself said they have looked into it, but not interested at the time.  Apparently Apple has realized that the market demands more affordable notebooks from every manufacturer.  The company Wintek has supposedly stated they are making the touch panels for a new netbook which would be released in the 3rd quarter of 2009.  The rumor is substantial as it comes from Digitimes, who has been accurate in the past. 


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What To Expect For Tuesday’s Apple Event


  Apple will be holding their event in Cupertino, California tomorrow morning at 10am Pacific, 1PM Eastern as most of you know.  There is one thing we know for sure about the event as Apple has already notified us of the upcoming notebooks.  


The upcoming notebooks have been revamped with a nice "Brick" of Aluminum.  We can see below what the new notebooks will look like as far as their trackpad and keyboard are concerned. 


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New MacBook Pro Photo Surfaces With Glass Touchpad


  We posted a picture the other day of a similar looking macbook pro and here is another unofficial photo. This time the image surfaced right after Apple Insider posted the following.  "The new designs were described as a cross between the 13-inch MacBook Air introduced this January and the aluminum iMacs that made their debut during the summer of 2007. In its April report, AppleInsider noted this would include a trimming or tapering around the edges and instances of black material to contrast the largely aluminum motif of the new notebooks."


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Intel Set to Release Solid State Drives within a Month

  Intel Wants in on the SSD market.  Set to release in a month from now, their 160GB solid state hard drives are due to be in notebooks.  "The X-18M and x-25M will have an expected lifespan of at least five years."  The length of time is a concern as SSD degrade or literally destroy themselves with the read and write cycles.  Five years seems an acceptable usage time for the average user.  The read and write speeds of solid state drives should increase notebook speeds and decrease battery usage.  Looks for them next month.

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