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Google Announces Its Very Own Operating System


  Over a year ago and long before Google launched the Chrome Browser there were many who suspected that the search giant would launch an operating system.  Today, Google has announced that it is indeed working on an OS x86 and ARM processors.    The OS should be out the second half of next year and will be focused on the web which comes as no surprise.  Microsoft may not be nervous about Mac, but you can bet this shakes them up a little.  See the full release below:

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Buy Parallels Get $15 iTunes Gift Card


  Now when you buy Parallels, you can get a $15 iTunes card with it.  If you are not familiar with virtualization software, Parallels allows you to run windows on your mac within a windows and at almost full speed.  You can share files between the two operating systems with drag and drop and run just about any program you want.  If you don’t have this program yet and need to run windows,  this is a great alternative to boot camp.


[Parallels Offer]

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Next Windows Home Server To Get a UI Refresh Like Time Machine


  Microsoft is hiring once again and this time it is for a passionate person looking to help create a user interface(UI), similar or close to the UI of Apple’s Time Machine.  The team wants someone to make backing up as simple as Time Machine,  but also incorporate Live Mesh into it as well.  Home Server could arguably be one of the best operating systems and interfaces it has ever made and it is nice to see them continuing to progress in the right direction,  Although Time Machine has been referred to as some of the worst UI for Apple.


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