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Hulu Broadcasting the Presidential Inauguration Live

If you would like to see more cov erage please visit Hulu.com. I have removed the stream as it was slowing down the site


  If you are going to be at work and they are so rude as not to include a television for the Presidential Inauguration, then you are in luck.  Hulu will be broadcasting the ceremony live for the rest of us to see. Check back here or on Hulu to watch the stream.  Hulu is providing an embedded player for all to use on their sites.


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Slingbox Presents Us With a Beta



  Slingbox will soon be offering Sling.com to its user, but for now it is in beta.  The current Slingbox allows you to watch your television you already have via streaming to your PC or Mac.  Sling.com wants us to share our videos and will have deals with networks to allow us to watch content online.  However you will be able to use Slingcatcher to watch the content from Sling.com.  You can now sign up for the beta and try it out for yourself.


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Amazon Video Now Open for Viewing


  Amazon is continuing to keep in the running against iTunes, first with Music and now with Video.  Amazon has opened its new online video store "Amazon Video" up for viewing.  The store is a replacement of Unbox and is now in beta for PC and Mac. 


The Prices start at $1.99 for TV and $2.99 and up for movies.  "You can still download and watch via Unbox on PC or TiVo, and no matter how they’re purchased, content is added to the Your Video Library accessible from the web or IVL".  


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