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Snow Leopard Compatibility List Becomes Available


  We’ll have Snow Leopard tomorrow for sure, but if you’re still not sure of purchasing the upgrade due to the programs you use then you will want to check out the new compatibility list.  Someone along with a community has posted a wiki page showing the compatibility issues with programs and how they work or don’t work so well with SNow Leopard.  For the most part it looks like compatibility will be a non issue unless you have major workflow going thru the few non-working programs.  You can see the list [Here]

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What Differentiates OSX from Windows

  An article posted at smashing magazine points out the high points of what makes OSX more user friendly than its competitors.  The top 10 high points are 1. Consistency, 2. Intuitiveness, 3. Effective and Appropriate metaphors, 4. Informative Error Reporting On-demand, 5.  Hiding the Technical Details, 6.  Fitt’s Law, 7. User Input Feedback, 8. User Support and Navigation, 9. Workflow and 10. Even Kernal Panic Looks Nice.  Whatever your take on OSX is, they make a good point on why it  should not be considered second rate or less than its competitors.

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