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Otterbox Releases 2 New Cases For the Blackberry Bold 9700

  Otterbox has been on a roll lately with their slew of case release.  This time they have chosen to protect your Blackberry Bold 9700 in two different ways.  First we have the Impact series which is your basic silicone protection.  The other option is the Commuter series which adds to the silicone with an external layer of plastic protection. 

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Apple Updates Their iMacs, Mac Mini’s and Pro’s


  We all knew this was coming soon and today we have quite a few updates.  Aesthetically nothing has changes except a few ports, but the prices, specs and offerings have changed to give those who do not yet have a Mac or need a second one, quite the bargain.  


The significant change to the Mac Mini and iMac’s are the addition of an nvidia GeForce 9400m or you can also get the GeForce 130 GT in the high end iMacs and the Mac Pro’s.


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Leaked Video of The New Mac Mini?


 The other day we were blessed with what we thought was a possible look at the new Mac Mini.  The design had not changed much, but the ports did with the addition of a mini Display Port.  We were not sure it was the real thing, but this video shows the same Mac Mini with the same ports.  The design is sadly, unchanged, but at least it looks like an update is nearly upon us.


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Otterbox Defender For BlackBerry Storm – Review



  You bought a BlackBerry Storm because you wanted a touch-screen, but you needed the business functionality that BackBerry offers.  The only problem you faced with the BlackBerry Storm is that you work at a place of business that could potentially pose as a hazard to your phone, let alone a phone with a touch-screen.  This is where Otterbox comes in.  As most of you who read this already know, Otterbox offers industrial protection for your everyday devices.  


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Intel Demonstrates New “Moorestown” Chipset


  Intel demonstrated the new "Moorestown" chipset in Taiwan today, which is set to come to market between 2009 and 2010.  The new chipset is based on 45nm technology and incorporates the processor, graphics, memory controller and video encode/decode onto one single chip.  The video shows the Moorestown MID which uses this chip to do all of its work.

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Sony’s New TV so Slim, Everything Looks Fat

  Sony Japan has shown its new 40ZX1 40 inch display.  The tv is just 26 pounds and 9.9mm at its thinnest.  The TV has 1 HDMI port with a wireless box which can send 120Hz, 1080i up to 1080p over a 5Hz channel.  The wireless box has 3 HDMI ports, 2 component, s-video, VGA, mouse and Lan port.  The new menu is XMB style via the PS#/PSP counter-parts.  Engadget says even the iPhone looks too fat next to it.

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