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Tom Tom For iPhone Finally Arrives


  Tom Tom has finally arrived for the iPhone in the United States and Canada.  We saw the app go up for New Zealand just a half a day or so and now the region specific versions are now available.  It’s not all good news though.  The price of the app in the US & Canada is $99, New Zealand is $94.99, Western Europe is $139.99 and Australia is $79.99. 

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Best Skins Ever iPhone 3G – Part 3: Review & Giveaway


Best Skins Ever was nice enough to send us one of their iPhone 3G skins and now you can have a chance to win one for yourself. 

If you would like to win a Best Skins Ever for your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G s then you must be in the United States. You then need to subscribe to my youtube channel and then comment on this video.

Good luck!!


[Best Skins Ever]

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Happy Memorial Day!


  On this memorial day while most are enjoying our freedom in the United States by spending time with the family, remember those who have served and fallen.  While we do not always agree with the conflicts our armed forces are in, we still should honor those who served and gave their lives for our country.  Enjoy your day and take time to remember the fallen.

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Get Chinese Censored Internet In The US or Abroad Via Plugin


  If you want to experience what living under a communist regime who controls everything is like, then this plugin is for you.  The China Channel Firefox Add-On is there to raise awareness of what China censors from its occupants.  The add-on, once enabled gives you the censorship of the Chinese internet experience provided by Chinese Ministry of Information Industry.  Hopefully this makes you understand why communism is not a good thing and also makes you appreciate your freedom here in the United States or abroad.  

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